Flagstaff Poetry, Slam & Spoken Word

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What's the next best thing to being at a FlagSlam? Listening to the audio online.

All recording is by Logan Phillips for NORAZ Poets. We realize there may be a buzzing sound on some clips and we aren't always able to get everyone who reads in here. We're sorry, we do the best we can. Poets: you are welcome to sell or redistribute your recordings, but please give credit. Thanks.

Recordings are Copyright (©2004-2005) of the respective poets. Do not redistribute or sell any of these recordings without the written consent of the poets.

FlagSlam: Tuesday, March 22, 2005

  1. Cass Hodges (Calibration Poem)
  2. Kéy-mé (Round One)
  3. Ryan Guts Guide (Round One)
  4. Sharkie Marado (Round One)
  5. Al Moyer (Round One)
  6. Tasha Riddles (Round One)
  7. Jaycee Cox (Round One)
  8. Frank Mulligan (Round One)
  9. Meghan Jones (Round One)
  10. Rowie Shebala (Round One)
  11. Rubén Soliz, Jr. (Round One)
  12. Sarah Donelly (Round One)
  13. Sandi Lyman (Round One)
  14. Aaron Johnson (Round One)
  15. Darin Maginnes (Round One)
  16. Lindsay Chamberlain (Round One)
  17. Greg Nix (Round One)
  18. Justin Biskit Powell (Round One)
  19. Meghan Jones (Round Two)
  20. Sarah Donelly (Round Two)
  21. Aaron Johnson (Round Two)
  22. Sandi Lyman (Round Two)
  23. Sharkie Marado (Round Two)
  24. Sharkie Marado (Round Three)
  25. Meghan Jones (Round Three)
  26. Aaron Johnson (Round Three)
  27. Sharkie Marado (Victory Poem)

FlagSlam: Tuesday, March 8, 2005

  1. Aaron Johnson (Calibration Poem)
  2. Nikki Escudero (Round One)
  3. Ben Jacobson (Round One)
  4. Logan Phillips (Round One)
  5. Jeanee Vargas (Round One)
  6. Lindsay Chamberlain (Round One)
  7. Meghan Jones (Round One)
  8. Rowie Shebala (Round One)
  9. Sharkie Marado (Round One)
  10. Ryan Guts Guide (Round One)
  11. Sandi Lyman (Round One)
  12. Sarah Knurr (Round One)
  13. Al Moyer (Round One)
  14. Greg Nix (Round One)
  15. Logan Phillips (Round Two)
  16. Rowie Shebala (Round Two)
  17. Sandi Lyman (Round Two)
  18. Sharkie Marado (Round Two)
  19. Meghan Jones (Round Two)
  20. Al Moyer (Round Two)
  21. Sandi Lyman (Round Three)
  22. Logan Phillips (Round Three)
  23. Rowie Shebala (Round Three)
  24. Al Moyer (Round Three)
  25. Al Moyer (Victory Poem)

FlagSlam: Tuesday, February 22, 2005: The Siren Slam

  1. Rowie Shebala (Round One)
  2. Lindsay Chamberlain (Round One)
  3. Sarah Knurr (Round One)
  4. Sarah Donelly (Round One)
  5. Meghan Jones (Round One)
  6. Sandi Lyman (Round One)
  7. Faith Purvis (Round One)
  8. Heather Hoult (Round One)
  9. Neesha Oliver (Round One)
  10. Megan Denton (Round One)
  11. Sharkie Marado (Round One)
  12. Emily Lyons (Round One)
  13. Rachel O'Malley (Round One)
  14. Larissa Simpson (Round One)
  15. Kimmy Wilgus (Round One)
  16. Meghan Jones (Round Two)
  17. Neesha Oliver (Round Two)
  18. Sandi Lyman (Round Two)
  19. Megan Denton (Round Two)
  20. Sarah Donelly (Round Two)
  21. Faith Purvis (Round Two)
  22. Meghan Jones (Round Three)
  23. Neesha Oliver (Round Three)
  24. Sandi Lyman (Round Three)
  25. Sandi Lyman (Victory Poem)

FlagSlam: Tuesday, February 8, 2005

We're sorry. The audio for this slam is not available.

FlagSlam: Tuesday, January 25, 2005

  1. Rowie Shebala (Calibration)
  2. Justin Biskit Powell (Round One)
  3. Sarah Knurr (Round One)
  4. Ryan Guts Guide (Round One)
  5. Aaron Johnson (Round One)
  6. Greg Nix (Round One)
  7. Lindsay Chamberlain (Round One)
  8. Kaitlin Ryan (Round One)
  9. Logan Phillips (Round One)
  10. Al Moyer (Round One)
  11. MC Foam Green (Round One)
  12. Rachel O'Malley (Round One)
  13. Effram Grant (Round One)
  14. Chris Harbster (Round One)
  15. Meghan Jones (Round One)
  16. Turtle (Round One)
  17. Aaron Johnson (Round Two)
  18. Rachel O'Malley (Round Two)
  19. Meghan Jones (Round Two)
  20. Logan Phillips (Round Two)
  21. Turtle (Round Two)
  22. Al Moyer (Round Two)
  23. Logan Phillips (Round Three)
  24. Meghan Jones (Round Three)
  25. Aaron Johnson (Round Three)
  26. Logan Phillips (Victory Poem)

FlagSlam: Tuesday, January 11, 2005

  1. Chris Lane (Round One)
  2. Justin Powell (Round One)
  3. Gregg Nix (Round One)
  4. D. Rogers Luben (Round One)
  5. Kimmy Wilgus (Round One)
  6. Rowie Shebala (Round One)
  7. Christopher Fox Graham (Round One)
  8. Lindsay Chamberlain (Round One)
  9. Stormy (Round One)
  10. Sandi Lyman (Round One)
  11. Aaron Johnson (Round One)
  12. Logan Phillips (Round One)
  13. Logan Phillips (Round Two)
  14. D. Rogers Luben (Round Two)
  15. Aaron Johnson (Round Two)
  16. Greg Nix (Round Two)
  17. Christopher Fox Graham (Round Two)
  18. Logan Phillips (Round Three)
  19. Christopher Fox Graham (Round Three)
  20. Aaron Johnson (Round Three)
  21. Aaron Johnson (Victory Poem)

FlagSlam: Tuesday, December 7, 2004

We're sorry. The audio for this slam is not available.

FlagSlam: Tuesday, November 9, 2004

  1. Chris Harbster (Calibration)
  2. Aaron Johnson (Round One)
  3. Christohper Fox Graham (Round One)
  4. Eric Larson (Round One)
  5. Sarah Knurr (Round One)
  6. D. Rogers Luben (Round One)
  7. Dan Kimball (Round One)
  8. Megan Jones (Round One)
  9. Al Moyer (Round One)
  10. Helen Newman (Round One)
  11. Dom Flemons (Round One)
  12. Justin Chavez (Round One)
  13. Nikki Escudero (Round One)
  14. Justin Powell (Round One)
  15. Clay Koweek (Round One)
  16. Rhett Pepe (Round One)
  17. Justin Powell (Round Two)
  18. Eric Larson (Round Two)
  19. Christopher Fox Graham (Round Two)
  20. Dom Flemons (Round Two)
  21. Aaron Johnson (Round Two)
  22. Dom Flemons (Round Three)
  23. Aaron Johnson (Round Three)
  24. Christopher Fox Graham (Round Three)
  25. Christopher Fox Graham (Victory Poem)

FlagSlam: Wednesday, October 23, 2004

  1. Marissa Kampar (Round One)
  2. Chris Harbster (Round One)
  3. Kate Tuxford (Round One)
  4. Megan Denton (Round One)
  5. Aaron Johnson (Round One)
  6. Joe Dale (Round One)
  7. Mr. Lane (Round One)
  8. Sarah Knurr (Round One)
  9. Ryan Guide (Round One)
  10. Lloyd Alquist (Clearing Poem)
  11. Nicki Escudero (Round One)
  12. Greg Nix (Round One)
  13. Al Moyer (Round One)
  14. Christopher Fox Graham (Round One)
  15. Christopher Fox Graham (Round Two)
  16. Meghan Jones (Round Two)
  17. Mr. Lane (Round Two)
  18. Aaron Johnson (Round Two)
  19. Chris Harbster (Round Two)
  20. Christopher Fox Graham (Round Three)
  21. Aaron Johnson (Round Three)
  22. Chris Harbster (Round Three)
  23. Chris Harbster (Victory Poem)