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National Poetry Slam Events

2005 National Poetry Slam, Albuquerque, NM
Information about the 2005 National Slam will be here soon.

2004 National Poetry Slam
If you are interested in trying out for the 2004 Flagstaff National Poetry Slam Team you'll need to read the following information carefully.

Team NORAZ 2004
The Flagstaff Poetry Slam at the Campus Coffee Bean and the Sedona Poetry Slam at the Canyon Moon Theatre are teaming up. This season, we will be putting one team together with poets representing both of these venues. Team NORAZ is born.

How will the team be chosen?
Through a series of Slams in Flagstaff and Sedona in March and April 2004. We will have two "Semi-final" slams. The top four poets from each of the Semi-finals, one in each of Sedona and Flagstaff, will be able to compete in the Finals bout at the Northern Arizona Grand Slam. Of the eight poets competing in Finals, the top four will comprise the team and the fifth will be the alternate.

Slams in PSI (The international organizing body for Poetry Slam) mandates that registered venues wishing to send a team to the National Poetry Slam "provide a poetry event which is open to all people regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, ethnicity or lifestyle"

PSI does allow for venues to establish a process of qualifying as long as the above rule is still followed. All a poet needs to do to qualify for either of the Semi-finals is to participate in at least FIVE Slams between The Campus Coffee Bean and Campus Canyon Moon Theatre between September 1, 2003 and March 24, 2004. The Semi-final slams do not count towards the 5 slam requirement.

Responsibilities of the team
The team will be commited to several events including regular practices, regional team competitions and fundraising throughout the summer leading up to the National Slam. Team members will be required to attend at least 10 of about 15 weekly practices. Team members will also be required to attend most of the special regional or touring events during the summer. Most weekly practices will be held somewhere in Northern Arizona.

Who pays for the trip?
The slammasters do their best to raise money throughout the year for the team and the team does their best to raise money throughout the summer for themselves, but it is unlikely the entire trip will be covered by fundraising so poets will have to support some of the cost themselves. This is why a firm commitment to the team throughout the entire summer is required of anyone who wishes to remain on the team.

If you have any further questions or complaints about this process, please talk to John R. Kofonow at one of the Flagstaff Poetry Slams or email him at or Christopher Lane at

Here is a list of everyone who has slammed at an eligible slam in Flagstaff, Sedona or Prescott. A poet needs 5 slams between September 1, 2003 and April 13, 2004 to be eligible to go out for the team.

Most recent update: March 25, 2004.
names in Bold are qualified for semi-finals.

Rebekah Crisp - 5
Dom Flemons - 6
Christopher Graham - 5

Ryan Guide - 12
Brent Heffron - 5
Cass Hodges - 5
Aaron Johnson - 5

Robin Anderson - 1
Chris Bettell - 1
Jason Bruso - 1
Bill Campana - 1
Tony Carito - 3

Justin Chavez - 3
Andy Colton - 1
Judd Curtis - 1
Corbet Dean - 1
Megan Foucht - 1

Autumn Garza - 1
Brooke Gershman - 1
Ben Goreman - 1
Josh Haley - 2
Rob Herrick - 1

Ben Jacobson - 1
Rachel Kersey - 1
Oz Kraus 2
Reese Labard - 1
Aaron Levy - 2

D. Rogers Luben - 1
Sandi Lyman - 1
Danielle Miller - 2
Frank Mulligan - 1
Greg Nix - 2

John R Kofonow - 5
Christopher Lane - 5

Eric Larson - 7
Sharkie Marado - 8
Rhett Pepe - 5
Logan Phillips - 6
Justin Powell - 7

Suzy La Follette - 5

(opting out of competition)

Neesha Oliver - 1
Mark Patton - 1
Raccoon Rene - 1
Gary Sabbag - 1
Jordan Sherill - 2

JP Shnee - 1
R. Scott - 1
Laura Schonberger - 2
Matthew Sinex - 1
Adam Stone - 1

Josh Sullivan - 2
Kate Tuxford - 1
Sarah Wenzlick - 1
David Youngblood - 1
Jessica XXX - 1

Kimmy - 2
Dee - 1
Andrew - 3
Stacey - 1
Akua - 1

Donna - 1
Joe - 1
Roger (Turtle) - 1