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2003 National Poetry Slam
If you are interested in trying out for the 2003 Flagstaff National Poetry Slam Team you'll need to read the following information carefully.

How will the team be chosen?
Through a series of three Slams in Flagstaff in March and April 2003. We will have two "Semi-final" slams. The first on March 26. The second on April 9. Each Semi will allow for 8-10 eligible poets to compete. The top four poets from each of the Semi-finals will be able to compete in the Finals bout at the Flagstaff Grand Slam, April 23. Of the eight poets competing in Finals, the top four will comprise the team and the fifth will be the alternate.

Slams in PSI (The international organizing body for Poetry Slam) mandates that registered venues wishing to send a team to the National Poetry Slam "provide a poetry event which is open to all people regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, ethnicity or lifestyle"

PSI does allow for venues to establish a process of qualifying as long as the above rule is still followed. All a poet needs to do to qualify for the Semi-finals is to participate in at least TWO Slams at The Campus Coffee Bean between August 2002 and March 2003.

UPDATE Qualification for Semis has been relaxed a little bit to only TWO slam experiences at The Campus Coffee Bean during this year. If we end up with open slots at Semis after everyone with at least two Slams has signed up we may allow those with only ONE slam under their belt to compete. No poet who has never slammed at The Campus Coffee Bean in the past year will be eligible to go out for the team. Exceptions cannot be made, sorry. The organizer/host will be glad to explain why in more detail if needed. Email John at or find him at a Slam.

Every poet that participates at the Slams and The Bean signs there own name into a book that the host keeps close track of. This is for your benefit as well as everyone else's. It ensures that poets are well prepared before heading off to the "Big Show" and perpetuates the vitality of the scene as whole throughout the year.

Responsibilities of the team
The team will be commited to several events including regular practices, regional team competitions and fundraising throughout the summer leading up to the National Slam.

Who pays for the trip?
The slammaster does his best to raise money throughout the year for the team and the team does there best to raise money throughout the summer for themselves, but it is unlikely the entire trip will be covered by fundraising so poets will have to support some of the cost themselves. This is why a firm commitment to the team throughout the entire summer is required of anyone who wishes to remain on the team.

If you have any further questions or complaints about this process, please talk to John R. Kofonow at one of the Slams or email him at